• captainjib

    I agree! On reddit I never really bothered commenting on any of the larger subs because I knew I'd never be seen. Here, though, I feel confident that people will see, think about, (and hopefully respond) to what I say. This is a much more conversation-friendly place, and I find it so wonderful and addictive!

    • imakestuffgood

      Exactly my thoughts! I had input on some small subs on reddit but I shied away from commenting on the bigger subs. I'm not very articulate and sometimes my opinions don't make sense I was either frowned upon or just ignored but I feel like snapzu gets me :) I can have casual conversations about things that interest me and I don't need to have the whittiest comment in a thread just to get a reply.

    • Mives

      The amount of times I thought I had that gold-worthy comment, only to find out that it was already posted verbatim and is at the top...

    • m8gege

      So true !

    • hitthee

      I see you ;)