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  • bogdan

    I'll go with the obvious answer and say that the internet is the greatest invention.

    The PC is pretty awesome too, but it did not change the world on such a level as the internet did.

    I can't begin to conceive WW3 taking place in the near future, mostly because of how the internet makes most people realize that regardless of race, gender, or nationality, we all have something in common.

    Seeing discussions online on various topics has made me, personally, realize that I'm in no way special, and that there is certainly at least one person somewhere in the world who has felt the exact same thing that I once did, under similar circumstances. Even the words I'm typing now are majorly influenced by things I've read and seen online. Mindblowing.

    • aj0690

      I can't believe most people didn't use the internet till the 2000s. It's such a daily part of our lives now.

      • [Deleted Profile]

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    • drunkenninja

      Definitely the internet for me as well. I know some people may perceive this question as "whats the most important invention", and honestly if that's the case I would go with fire, since because of fire we have cooked food, have warmth, the ability to move around, forge metals, weapons and all the other things that came after we mastered fire. Anyway, the internet brought us all together, helped us to think for ourselves and generally gave us the tools to matter.

    • KondoR

      Makes you wonder what things in the future will be more important inventions than the internet.

    • Lagz

      I can agree with the Internet. I have learned so much and gotten so much advice and insight on so many topics it is crazy. And just social content such as the comments you see on articles can spark so much conversation that you can learn from. And then when you throw in users linking to different articles to support their views it becomes a spiderweb of knowledge or it has the capability to do so.