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Honestly, what will you do if Trump wins the US presidency?

How dare I ask???

2 years ago by Chubros with 14 comments

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  • spaceghoti

    Join the Mars 1 colony expedition.

    • drunkenninja

      Don't be crazy, you can get almost the same effect by moving to Canada :)

  • Gozzin

    What can I do? Nothing.

  • Bastou (edited 2 years ago)

    Make pop corn and put on shades. Then laugh and cry at the same time at the stupidity of the people who elected him, while fearing the effects on all of us : the rest of the world.

    Edit : Canada will welcome you all, American political refugees, in case it happens.

  • Francopoli

    Trump is a blow-hard who is a tool of Wall street. he is also thrice divorced, an adulterer and does not look or act "Presidential." We here see all this stuff, but (and I hate to say it this way) normal people don't give a shit about politics until October. If then. They are either going to vote "R" or "D" based on what they have voted in the past. Evangelicals do not like Trump because he is Hollywood, that den of Sin. Liberals don't like Hillary because she is the best Republican candidate running right now. Any thoughts on who is going to be President is IMO far too early.

    As far as Trump's political positions, I do not like nor trust his friends and everyone he appoints to federal positions will be people who want to dismantle regulatory structures, will be anti-union, for the TPP and other scary trade deals and in general screw over those of us who don't have a few million in the bank. What we are all forgetting is that he is also a New York Republican who has defended Planned Parenthood, supported gay Marriage and is not a right-wing nutter on the cultural issues.

    Trump is going to be a mix of Reagan and George W Bush. We will put ground troops in Syria with him in charge. Working people will suffer. The courts will become much more business friendly. But he won't be a disaster.

    Having said that, for the love of all things get the lead out, get off your asses and vote for Sanders. Give the man money. Campaign for him. Fight for him. Because Hillary is a Trump clone and I want a real liberal in the White House.

    • drunkenninja

      I was wondering why everyone keeps calling him "Drumpf" instead of "Trump", then I remembered I installed the chrome extension that did that after watching John Oliver's piece on him.

  • CrookedTale

    If he wins I can do nothing but cry. If Hillary wins I could do nothing but cry. For me this is turning out to be a lose lose situation. Trump has an interest in BIG Business running the government and Hillary has to many ties to the middle east and Wall Street.

  • imokruok

    @fredday96 makes it painfully clear on twitter; the answer to this question weighs more heavily on some than others:

    White ppl: If Trump wins I'll move to Canada hahehahahhe Minorities: I'm legitimately terrified for the safety of myself and my loved ones.

  • mcoorlim

    Try to wake up from the fever-dream.

  • SuperCyan

    Get really butt hurt, make some really angry comments on the internet, then probably not care - just like everyone else.