So what do you do in your spare time, what is your hobby?

7 years ago by schrodingersman with 34 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    Whenever I get the chance, I go fishing. So all things related to fishing is my hobby. The gear, the trip, the catch and what happens to it after I consider stuff I enjoy doing.

    • izafreak

      That makes two of us. I just got back into fishing after not going for over 3 years. Unfortunately the fishing holes near me have really murky water, and if I want clearer water I have to drive a minimum of 30 minutes. Sometimes I just like to go out after work and unwind, but don't want to drive 30 minutes each way to better fishing. Even still, I enjoy my time at the mud holes and have caught several large fish. I even got my daughter interested and we went and bought her her first rod a couple weeks back. She's already landed a 5lb. pike.

      • drunkenninja

        Very nice. I'm in BC so there is literally hundreds of great fishing spots all around here but I make an effort to go 3-4 hours drive just so I can get away from the cell signal. One of the things I love about fishing is the fact that I can shut down everything else in my head and just focus on the moment. It's a great feeling to get away from it all, even for a day or two. By the way, grats to your daughter on the fish, that's a good size.

    • PETA

      When you're fishing do you ever consider the physical and emotional pain of the fish, the feelings going through its mind as it's slowly suffocating after being removed from the water, the kin of the fish knowing their loved one will no longer be seen again?

      • Qukatt

        Yes, and Happy animals are delicious animals. that's why you should kill them quickly after their last meal surrounded by their fishy friends.


      • drunkenninja

        I do, all the time, it's terrible. I drink every night to ease the emotional pain.

      • izafreak

        Go away, troll.

        • 90boss

          Pretty sure PETA was being sarcastic. I found it humorous.

  • idlethreat


    - cycling, doing 5k's, doing 10k's, hiking

    - coding projects (multiple languages)

    - putting together micro-controllers, soldering electronics

    - playing and recording music (multiple instruments)

    - reading - aww hell yeah

    I think that's the general list. I get bored quickly, so hop between different hobbies as needs dictate.

    • Wenjarich

      Huh! At least 4 items in your list are related to items in mine. I will now go click your follow button. :)

  • wrmnthewoodwork

    I craft a lot - drawing, painting, clay, sewing, but mainly crochet and cross stitch.

    I used to read, incessantly. Don't have as much time for it anymore.

    Camping once a year if I can. Hiking as often as possible. Love the outdoors.

    Gardening! Nothing like seeing what you planted grow and thrive.

  • Wenjarich (edited 7 years ago)

    I've got a couple, most only picked up in the last 2 years.

    - I writemusic /play guitar/sing
    - training for a local mountain biking race
    - trying to get better at squash
    - just started learning pyhthon
    - play/DM rpg tabletop games (mostly pathfinder)
    - write short stories (although haven't in a while)
    - pencil sketch (although also not in a while, my profile pic was my last.)

  • cunt

    I drive around my region looking for and mapping wild swimming spots, nice camping areas and woodlands.

    Govenment List: http://apps.sepa.org.uk/bathingwaters/Locations.aspx but there are lots more. We also have this http://www.snh.gov.uk/docs/A309336.pdf - the Outdoor access code, giving legal right to roam

    • Qukatt

      do you put them on wild swimming website?

      I used to love going to tarlair, not exactly wild swimming but it kinda has been since they stopped maintaining the tidal pool. You just have to watch cause certain times of year its chock full of jellyfish breeding. It's a bit of a nasty surprise.

      • cunt (edited 7 years ago)

        I'm currently building a google map with them on. Gps locations hazards etc will be put up to. Tarlair was cool I remember heading up there before it closed. It would be great if it reopened again but I fear it's too far from a city to be feasible. There's an old lido cut in to the rock up beside ullapook too which is fine for a dip. Also black pots harbour in white hills - is rather nice too if a bit wee /t/wildswimming is being worked on too

        • Qukatt (edited 7 years ago)

          there's a fun day there in August being advertised. Live bands and stuff like the old days!

          Edit: Love Blackpots, going up there next week to take my kids swimming and crab line-ing like i used to :D

          edit 2: also the Deveron up at Huntly castle (next to the ski centre area), nice and shallowish and pretty lazy flow. plus the sort of small rocky water drop bit (no exactly a fall, it's only a couple inches but it was great fun to slide down)

  • Crator

    I do a ton, but my main one is practicing art

  • Qukatt

    crochet, gaming, Netflix. trying to get into sewing.

    I used to do a lot of swimming and ice skating and cycling but having kids made all that awkward so i dont do those right now til they're old enough to not be a pain in the butt to take along.

  • Traveler (edited 7 years ago)

    My main activity these days is traveling in my RV, and that brings with it RV maintenance, participation on RV forums, trip planning, photography, and blogging.

    Another big pull on my time is working with & training my GSD/Kelpie

    As time permits I also enjoy pistol shooting

    I'd like to spend more time woodworking and I'm thinking about taking a fly fishing class

  • mathematical

    As a mid-twenties guy working tirelessly on his career... what spare time?

    That being said, I'm slowly getting better at nutrition and healthy cooking. Since keeping the diet tight is needed for my fitness, and eating is something I have to do every day, I've been working on developing my cooking ability. A year ago I couldn't cook chicken, steaks or really any meat well. Now I can pretty much go in to a meal knowing the main meat dish will come out awesome. I'm always trying new dishes or twists on old ones. Today I'm cooking a big rack of beef ribs for the first time, so that will be an adventure. Tomorrow I'll be doing some pork ribs on a charcoal grill, something I'm good at but trying to improve my saucing.

    When I do have legitimate spare time, I really enjoy photography. I have enough equipment to do most of the shots I want, but I seldom have the time to seek out pictures. I generally try and keep my P&S camera with me at all time to keep me snapping.

  • folkrav

    - Learning programming languages/paradigms
    - Music producing and recording, but it's been a goddamn while now :(
    - Gaming. Mostly a FPS player, was going crazy with it in the CS:S days, lots of scrimming with local teams was done. Big Mass Effect fan!

  • caelreth

    I work on programming projects (either on a MUD or other personal projects). I play around with different programming languages. And I read - mostly sci-fi and fantasy books.

  • joker

    I have open-source projects that are used by companies to assist them in doing their job better and more securely (I won't provide names, because it would de-anonomize me). As the sole developer on 2 of them, and the primary developer/team lead on the other, that pretty much takes up a lot of non-parenting time.

    When I have time to spare, I hike. I've done places all across the mid-west. Even stayed at Palo Duro Canyon while it was flooding (not the smartest guy at times).

  • Distinguished

    I'd have to say my list isn't very exciting. I mainly just play video games read and occasionally play around with python.

  • papervoid

    Roller derby. It's an excellent stress reliever and it's a fantastic way to exercise without feeling like you're working out. Plus, when people ask about your bruises, you can tell them it's consensual.

  • scp440

    Magic: The Gathering.

  • sixstorm

    Right now, just gaming. I've got quite a few games that I'm playing between and it's hard to decide which game to play each time I sit down at my desktop.

    I want to get more into programming via Python, maybe get my son's Raspberry Pi to do more interesting things besides playing music, but I need non-computer hobbies too. I hope that once we buy our next house, I'll have a garage (finally) and a fun project car to work on.

  • jcscher (edited 7 years ago)

    I like to camp,but I have not got to once this year as I have been busy. Looking to get an RV again in the spring of next year.

  • OldTallGuy

    Landscaping and helping my wife with her gardening. After sitting behind a desk staring into a monitor all week it's fun to go out and get dirty.

  • jrmy

    Too many. The biggest chunk of time is cycling but coding, building, and art all factor in there too.

  • oystein

    I train Chen style Taijiquan, I photograph and I surf the internet. I also build computers but I never seem to need more computers lately.

  • Hedgehogjawn

    The flavor of the month. I have so many interests, it's crazy. I'll pick something up for a few days, then not go back to it for a while. Right now, I'm into vaping and mixing flavors so my husband and I are focused on that. I also cook, read, game, knit, hike, and whatever else catches my eye.