• cunt (edited 7 years ago)

    I'm currently building a google map with them on. Gps locations hazards etc will be put up to. Tarlair was cool I remember heading up there before it closed. It would be great if it reopened again but I fear it's too far from a city to be feasible. There's an old lido cut in to the rock up beside ullapook too which is fine for a dip. Also black pots harbour in white hills - is rather nice too if a bit wee /t/wildswimming is being worked on too

    • Qukatt (edited 7 years ago)

      there's a fun day there in August being advertised. Live bands and stuff like the old days!

      Edit: Love Blackpots, going up there next week to take my kids swimming and crab line-ing like i used to :D

      edit 2: also the Deveron up at Huntly castle (next to the ski centre area), nice and shallowish and pretty lazy flow. plus the sort of small rocky water drop bit (no exactly a fall, it's only a couple inches but it was great fun to slide down)