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Published 7 years ago by sauce with 4 Comments
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  • DSLek

    Has anyone here ever tried puffer fish? What did you think? Was the taste SO remarkable that eating the fish was worth the risk? Perhaps the satisfaction comes not from the taste but from beating the odds? Please tell me!

    • drunkenninja (edited 7 years ago)

      There is a really interesting documentary about this actually, it touches up on exactly your questions. Once I find it, I'll link it in the comment. As for me, I've never tried it, but personally imagine it being a real rush to eat.

      Edit: Short Documentary

      • Gozzin

        I'd like to watch that.

        • Appaloosa (edited 7 years ago)

          As a kid we would catch many blowfish in NJ. We all heard about the toxins, but it was mostly folklore for these types. They are not the same species as the ones discussed in Japan. We ate hundreds of them....my grandmom called them chicken of the sea....and they were delicious dipped in egg, flour and pan fried in butter!

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