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  • Gozzin (edited 6 months ago)

    Yeah,those so-called "nutritional support" drinks are basically just useless skim milk,sugar,emulsifiers,fake flavoring and vitamins to replace all the real nutrients removed during processing.

    Hospital food has a reputation for being pre-packaged and heavily processed, so this may not be a huge surprise. Instead of having a menu based on the best nutritional science, these meals are often sculpted by a desire to save money.

    Yep. When I was in hospital,breakfast and lunch were often heavenly processed. I ate nothing offered me for breakfast except the two boiled eggs. They only trued feeding me the processed crap a few times before they gave up.

    "Lunch" was typically a sandwich,chips and a cookie. I'd eat the meat and ignore the rest. Dinner was good. They did try though by giving me blueberries and cantaloupe 3 times a day,which I enjoyed.

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