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Published 7 years ago by jcscher with 7 Comments

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  • caelreth

    My wife owns a bakery - the jump in the price of eggs has not been fun for her.

    • drunkenninja

      I had a friend that used to own a small pizza joint here in Vancouver. The jump in the price of cheese wiped out his bottom line in a matter of months. He resorted to using less cheese and other toppings but wasn't able to compete against the larger more established franchise locations, so he shuttered his business and moved on. Sometimes little things like that can have a huge effect on a small business, I hope your wife finds a good solution to this.

      • caelreth

        The good news is that eggs were cheap to start, so the jump in price hasn't started to have a major effect yet.

  • ttubravesrock (edited 7 years ago)

    I haven't noticed a change in egg price, but...

    1. I don't buy them in huge quantities. Just about a dozen every 10 days.

    2. I've been trying to buy local eggs only. The price for the last 3 years has been $5 for a dozen. I know that's higher than the store-bought eggs, but I'm helping to support a local farmer and I hope to be in their shoes in a few years.

    Also, completely unrelated, but it's finally raining. Maybe this rain will put out a few of the fires around the state.

    • Gozzin

      I'm glad you have rain..Rains are set to happen us tomorrow..My tomato and pepper plants will be ecstatic! I tend to eat a lot of eggs as quiche is one of my favorite dishes and I make it a lot. I've not really noticed a change in the price,but I'm sure I will next time I meander on in.

  • idlethreat

    While I'm pretty sad to hear about all of the birds dying like that (50 million. shit. that's a lot of bird), I can't help but think that if the animals were kept in more humane conditions, then it wouldn't have ripped through the flocks like wildfire.

    To paraphrase Louis CK "Of course having millions of chickens quickly die off from a virulent disease is horrible. But, since you have them all crammed in together in horrible dirty conditions and pumped full of drugs all the time, it's a tiny bit your fault."

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