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Published 6 years ago by geoleo with 4 Comments

12 Reasons "Cards Against Humanity" Should Never Be Played With Family

And by "never" we mean "always."

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  • idlethreat

    I (heart) CAH. The video pretty much gives you the basics. You get 10 cards. The dealer turns over a black card and you try your best to match it up with what you have in your hand.

    Recommended for people with thick skins (like the assholes you call friends). Hitler jokes, abortions, god, satan, incest, everything edgy goes into the pot and gets stirred around. Mix in some good food and adult beverages and you have a good evening in store.

    I have all the packs right now and we play 1-2 a month. If you already have CAH, you might also check out Crabs Adjust Humidity. It's an add-on pack to the game with it's own flair. I'm ordering that set next.

    • drunkenninja

      Nice way of summing it up. I was checking out CAH last month and I might just pull the trigger and order the original set first and see how it goes.

      • idlethreat

        The whole gang liked it pretty well. We had board game night over the past few years, but over time I'd devolved a little into a 'Cards against humanity' night, instead. It's a good game, but the cards do show up over and over again after a while- necessitating the add-on packs to keep things fresh.

        If you're wanting to try out CAH, might as well pick up one of these bad boys. It's cheap, holds all the cards perfectly, and plenty of room to expand.

        • drunkenninja

          Funny you mention the card container! I still have a couple of those kicking around somewhere from my childhood hockey card collecting days. Might have to dig it up and see what I have, its been 16 years or so since I last cracked those open. Good advice nonetheless, definitely makes storing cards a breeze.

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