• drunkenninja

    It looks like the corporate part of reddit is now doing everything to monetize as much of the site as possible. I have a feeling we might be welcoming a lot of new peeps in the next couple of days.

    • Crawls

      You are absolutely right. I came over a while ago but got sucked back in to reddit. Looks like I'm here to stay this time.

      • get9

        I use this, Voat, and Reddit (I guess I just like to talk a lot). Truth be told, I hope Snapzu grows much larger. It's not a Reddit clone and the site is just intuitive and well-thought-out.

    • ColonBowel

      Just joined this morning when I learned of the Reddit shit show. So far, this place looks good. I'm excited for it to grow and I can get back to my more obscure interests.

      Also, I would love an app for my Amazon Fire phone.

    • CubeFan

      Oh definitely. I'm such a person, and honestly I'm wondering why I didn't switch sooner. I'm really enjoying the community and UI here.

      • [Deleted Profile]

        [This comment was removed]

    • UnusualAttitude

      I just joined following a link in one of the threads explaining the current drama. I was one of the first to find Reddit island after jumping off the sinking Digg raft. I feel like the tide is turning and I need to find a new home before Reddit implodes.

    • Biberkopf

      Marc Bodnick from Quora has some speculations in exactly this direction: