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Published 5 years ago by drunkenninja with 4 Comments

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  • Xenolan

    I think that a lot of these comments are right on the money. One thing that none of them say is something that's almost a cliche, but it also has some truth to it: "The difference between a Cult and a Religion is that in a Cult, the messiah is still alive."

    I disagree with those who say that the word "Cult" should be avoided. It does apply in some cases, and it's not just an insulting word to use in place of "Religion". Professor Ted Peters, the first responder in the article, probably said it best: "The key characteristic of a cult is the axis mundi, the shamanic leader at the center of the organization." Friar Albert R. Cutie also referenced this with, "Authentic religion is focused on God and never puts another human being in the position of 'playing God' or as someone who has power over the rest." (The friar has a blind spot, of course, in failing to recognize that Jesus Christ fills that role in his own religion.)

    The best way to define a "cult" is that it is about the worship of a PERSON who is considered infallible and godlike. North Korea is a cultish state, in that the current leader is fervently worshiped by the populace. Scientology is also a cult, with the late L. Ron Hubbard filling the necessary role. Christianity could go either way, as Christ is not really considered to be a person but rather an extension of God, but it was certainly cultish in its beginnings even if it's not so now.

  • djsparky

    So the lengthy article basically says it is subjective.

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