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    Current Event
    7 years ago
    by TentativePrince

    Apple officially killed one of Steve Jobs' favorite projects

    Before Steve Jobs rejoined Apple in the 1990s, one of the flagship projects at his company, NeXT, was WebObjects, a set of tools for making what were called at the time "internet applications." Today we just call them websites. On an Apple listserv on Tuesday, Java developer Hugi Thordarson emailed a blast saying that Apple had confirmed to him that WebObjects was officially declared dead.

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    7 years ago
    by belangermira

    Amazon is offering customers loans — and high street retailers should be worried

    Amazon UK is now offering a monthly pay-back option on items worth over £400 ($590), according to the company's website. The service, which is called Amazon Pay Monthly, is in partnership with Hitachi Capital, who also work with John Lewis on a similar scheme. The repayment can be made over two, three, or four year periods, depending on the price of the item — making pricey purchases much more affordable. According to Trusted Reviews, the interest rate is set at 16.9%.