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Published 3 years ago with 11 Comments
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  • geoleo

    Yeah ok, good luck with that.

  • shiranaihito

    North Korea would "leave no Americans alive" should the two countries again meet on the battlefield, the hermit country's leader, Kim Jong-un, threatened on Monday.

    "Hermit country"? Nice doublespeak there. How about "insanely tyrannical death camp country" instead?

    Oh, and even an insanely tyrannical death camp country that tortures untold amounts of human beings every year has a Leader, just like our hallowed democracies! All nations have leaders. Some of them happen to be mass-murdering tyrants, but hey.. leaders are leaders!

  • Gozzin

    I'm sooooooo scared! (hides under bed.)

  • the7egend (edited 3 years ago)

    I honestly haven't figured out why other countries haven't stormed this place and freed it's citizens. The USA alone invades so many countries on a whim and yet this prison country is allowed to mistreat it's citizens and fill their heads with nonsense. Instead, everyone just acts like it doesn't exist just like the country acts like they are #1 in the world.

    Edit: on the other side, I guess they honestly don't want to piss China off. I didn't think it completely through, but still.

    • Nerdeiro

      The international community hardly ever acts based on humanitarian reasons. It's either to secure a strategic place or foster economical interests of oligarchies. And only if no one will fight for that place. Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq ? That's ok, strategically/economically important and neither Russia nor China would step into the fight. Syria, Ukraine, North Korean ? As long as Russia and China are willing to defend them they're out of reach for Western intervention.

    • gnomeshell

      They border china. China doesn't want us that close to the border. Simple as that.

      If we invaded them without china's blessing, and we pulled another Macarthur and pushed them to the Chinese border and then pushed more (like he wanted to do before Truman fired his ass for insubordination), it would likely ignite a larger conflict with our biggest trade partner that holds (literally) trillions of our debt.

    • spaceghoti

      They don't actually have anything anyone wants, except for a border with China which is why China continues to support them. So nobody thought it was worth bombing them out of existence sixty years ago and nobody thinks it's worth invading today. There's simply no profit in such a venture.

      Contrary to what some would have you believe, the US is rarely ever concerned with humanitarian issues. The countries that get more than a glance and a shrug from the US tend to be countries with either strategic or resource value. South Korea gives us a strategic position on the peninsula and between them, Japan and Taiwan we have more than enough bases to keep an eye on those pesky Chinese (do I need a /s here?).

    • Inconceivable

      Why not? Because nobody wants to deal with millions of displaced refugees. Rebuilding that nation would cost tons of money, and nobody wants to foot the bill. It's sad, really.

    • nopassword

      No oil. BP, Shell, Chevron, etc aren't interested.

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