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Published 10 years ago by Exantrius with 10 Comments
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  • drunkenninja

    I might actually start watching CBS's late show now...

    • Exantrius

      I hope they don't change his persona. That would kill it.

      • drunkenninja

        You would think they would let him run it the way he likes it, but who knows if they do make him change his style, it might be a disaster...

        • Exantrius

          Well he's taking all his writers, so we might be in luck, but the late show has always been one guy telling topical jokes. I don't see them changing it to a political show.

          Mainly I'm worried because the only time I actually get to watch it is online, and I don't intend to start staying up late for his show. Here's hoping they stream it!

  • idlethreat

    CBS has been sucking for years now. Top shows include Elementary, two and a half men, the crazy ones, reruns of CSI? Weak sauce.

    Hopefully this will help them turn around just a little bit.

  • aj0690

    Nice, very good news!

  • ckshenn

    Without Jay Leno, there is no need to stay up late.

  • capoti

    It’s going to be interesting to see Stephen Colbert as the actual Stephen Colbert and not his character.

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