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  • madjo

    The petition is bad form anyway (regardless, whether it was started from the Leave campaign or from the Remain campaign).

    I understand the sore feelings of the Remain side, but the majority has voted to Leave the EU. If they didn't want that, they shouldn't have voted for "Leave".

    As a Dutch citizen, I'm quite frankly appalled at the complete disregard for the democratic processes on the island. And quite a bit angry too. For years the UK has had a special position within the EU. One of the few members who didn't have to have the Euro, yet it had a lot of power, in some cases even more than other nations who do have to use the Euro. And yet David Cameron started this referendum, as a form of posturing, for what? To gain even more power in the EU? To show the rest of Europe how superior the UK is? Well, didn't that bite him in the arse? He totally underestimated the idiocy of the UK people and the amount of ill-informed 'eurosceptics' (You do vote for EU MEPs (once every 4 years), and the UK has had a lot of say in what rules get enacted within the EU, regardless what the Leave campaigners told you). And now Cameron's stupidity is threatening the future of the EU.

    Is the EU the best solution for the future? No, of course not, it could use a lot more transparency and a lot less red tape. It has grown too wieldy, and has tried to grab too much power. But the best way to change that is from within not from without.

    But the UK made it clear, the majority wanted to leave the EU, so leave.

    • Appaloosa (edited 3 years ago)

      This is an interesting piece from 2014: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jun/27...democratic-bandwagon-juncker-president-wanted

      Over the election of Juncker:

      "David Cameron is taking a lot of the blame. His uncompromising public campaign to destroy Juncker might have had heads nodding privately in agreement. But his indirect threats to quit the EU if he lost were perceived as bullying and blackmail, turning the commission president contest into a counter-productive zero sum game – support Cameron or Juncker."

      • madjo (edited 3 years ago)

        Indeed, interesting piece. I do wish that the 'european constitution' was never put in place. My country voted against that constitution in a referendum. And then the EU renamed it, and enacted it still.

        And here is an interesting article on the current situation of a comment left by a Guardian reader: http://indy100.independent.co.uk/article/peop...ndy&utm_medium=top5&utm_campaign=i100

        But I remain adamant, people voted to leave. Even though it'll probably be political suicide to enact it, they'll have to do it. In other words, they made their bed, now they'll have to lie in it.

        • Appaloosa

          That the UK never joined the monetary system should have been an alert about long term intentions. This is indeed high intrigue and the finality of this decision will most likely be reviewed if this is found to be a calculated play. There is much money and power being fought over, and like war, the common citizen is held hostage, the fungible pawn in the race to dominate.

    • cunt (edited 3 years ago)

      As a stay voter, the worst outcome would be ignoring the referendum. People are sick of hearing it here both leave and stay campaigners. We've heard enough. Democratic process must continue, Scotland may gain independence but whether they like it or not the country has spoken!

      We will get on with it. There will always be sour grapes but we've had worse and things will be better.

      There is no idiocy on the part of the British people as you say. The country voted by majority on what they thought was best for the country. Who are you or anyone else to say that's wrong? Countries act in their best interest all the time why not England/Wales and their countryfolk?

      The EU tried to grab to much power and it has fucked everything. Hungary, the UK, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece - all becoming rebellious in their own ways.

      The EU leaders didn't help either with their threats(Juncker et al) the British people do not respond well to threats and rightly so.