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  • AdelleChattre

    That I know! Having spent years watching you counseling people at /r/politics...

    • spaceghoti

      That's right, you were there for the consummate troll, redditman! I've lost count of all the duplicate accounts he's created over the years.

    • AdelleChattre
      @spaceghoti -

      That goes back several years. The name that sticks, for me, is ‘RenéFonck,’ though the last time I was actually in touch was during the ‘ArthurLaumann’ era. Impressive how many separate groups scattered all over Reddit came to the same ‘disinformation agent’ conclusion about René née whatever. The last thing I heard from her, though it could easily have been disinfo, was that, serial entrepreneurship having left her at loose ends, she’d gleefully decided to go Galt, signing up for unemployment, Food Stamps, and whatever public assistance she could get. She and her son, still at home, were watching a lot of movies, cozy, and snug as bugs in rugs for at least the next however many months. Always a bomb-throwing Bircher gadfly, she genuinely seemed to think that was hilarious. Never heard from her personally again after that. I expect the knives came out for her when /r/politics went severely sideways in November, 2013.

      The contrarian I miss most is ‘bjo3030.’ By now, I’m not expecting to hear back anymore. A hunch.