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  • sjvn

    Ah... I've known people who tried vegan diets for their pets. The pets either died within a year, or they returned them to a normal diet. Cats, in particular, must have meat.

    • Gozzin (edited 1 month ago)

      This is correct. The latter day saints have been pushing anti meat since before we were born cause eating meat (according to them) makes people horny and sex is bad!!

      Water fowl get what's called angel wing when fed bread.

      Squirrels and birds develop fatty liver when fed corn and other grains.

      Ruminants will die when constantly fed grain,same goes for rabbits.

      Anyway,yes,if animals don't get to eat the diet they evolved to eat,they have serious medical problems and die. Same happens to humans.

      And of course,this "research" is done by organizations pushing a vegan agenda...These animals will not eat this carbage unless humans force them by giving them no other choice...And the long term consequences are devastating to the animals,as mentioned above.

      And then there are people with gut problems like IBS and IBD and trying to force us to be vegan/vegetarian is also not a good idea...Vegans don't care how much suffering they induce,as long as they get their way.

      And then there are the oxalates in plants that cause kidney stones... Ever passed a kidney stone? You really don't want to.

      Getting off soap box.

      • NotWearingPants

        Vegans don't care how much suffering they induce,as long as they get their way.

        How do you know someone is a vegan?

        They'll tell you.

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