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The admins are geographically biased against us

The admins are vancouverites (which also sounds silly) and this obviously bias them.

4 years ago by redalastor with 5 comments

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  • double2

    THAT'S why this community is so chill! I live in hope, Canaders are known for their good reasoning and judgement. They will see sense.

    Wait, shouldn't individuals from Vancouver call themselves Vancouvians? The rites sounds wrong...

    • redalastor (edited 4 years ago)

      THAT'S why this community is so chill!

      I live close to Montreal and I have to strongly disagree about Canada being chill.

      However... Vancouver is chill as fuck. In fact, if Cascadia ever became a thing (which is unlikely), it will be one of the chillest countries in the world.

      But overall, Canadians are much less polite and friendly than Americans.

      • idlethreat

        Vancouver is chill as fuck

        Can confirm. Spent a week there on vacation. Grandville Island, Stanley Park, North, South, was all over the place. The men were tall, clever and friendly. The women were attractive and shapely. I'm assuming they exported all the ugly people elsewhere.

        I, for one, welcome my new Vancouverian overlords

      • joker

        Dated a girl in Vancouver back when I was in the Navy. I spent a week up there, and I have to agree. They are super laid back and cool(aside from getting me addicted on poutine and always saying "eh").

        Love the kanucks up there.

        • redalastor

          Vancouver adopted poutine before the Americans discovered it while the rest of Canada still hated it. I remember when I was a kid and travelling to Canada involved receiving gratuitous insults about poutine.

          I'm not sure how exactly poutine reached Vancouver since they as far from us as can be.

          A comic that explains how poutine became "canadian" : https://i.imgur.com/4tTzgup.png