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  • Interactive
    3 years ago
    by teamsnapzu
    +26 +3

    Referral Program - Terms of Service Agreement

    By validating your tribe(s) into the Snapzu referral program (“Program”) you are choosing to be an Affiliate and you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service")

  • Analysis
    3 years ago
    by teamsnapzu
    +42 +7

    Blog Enhancement Suite: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The Blog Enhancement Suite is a complete suite of social blog tools hosted on the Snapzu community platform. This lengthy and in-depth FAQ is divided into eight (8) main sections about the Blog Enhancement Suite and is intended to be read in full and in order for a complete understanding of how it all works together. If you are genuinely interested in our platform and how it can help your blog, we highly recommended you dedicate the 20(ish) minutes to read through it. Enjoy!

  • Expression
    3 years ago
    by teamsnapzu
    +51 +4

    Five Helpful Tips on Growing a Successful Tribe

    One of the most exciting and challenging things one can do on Snapzu is to start their own tribe and grow it into a flourishing community. This is not, by all means, an easy task and requires a lot of effort and dedication. Knowing the challenges is important, so we took it upon ourselves to put together a short 5 step guide on what you will need to know in order to make your tribe a success!

  • Unspecified
    3 years ago
    by teamsnapzu
    +36 +5

    Blog Enhancement Suite: How to grow your tribe using your unlimited invite codes

    Your arsenal of invite codes can play a key role in the early promotion of your tribe. As a tribe leader you have access to an endless supply of them, 20 active codes (per tribe), at any given time. Each invite code is unique and can create one account. This guide goes into invite codes, their advantages, and how you can use them to effectively promote and grow your Snapzu community.

  • How-to
    3 years ago
    by teamsnapzu
    +34 +4

    Blog Enhancement Suite: How to grow your tribe using your invite link

    Your tribe's invite link (referral URL) is the only direct link that allows new members to join your community in a manner that is as friction-less as possible and without a required invite. Utilize it on your blog, your social channels, and any other places to efficiently grow your mailing list, and earn referrals that will earn you a 55% split on all revenues.This guide outlines important information on how to use your invite link to effectively and responsibly promote your tribe and grow a bustling community that will soon be the heart of your blog.

  • Current Event
    3 years ago
    by teamsnapzu
    +86 +5

    Snapzu Release 5.1

    It gives us great pleasure to announce that release 5.1 is now live! For those of you who are dedicated community leaders this update has been a long time coming and is just one of the many releases planned for this year! In this release we introduce an exciting new referral program for tribes as well as additional tribe related updates and general usability improvements.

  • Review
    2 years ago
    by Anastasia
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    Verification code

  • Text Post
    3 years ago
    by teamsnapzu

    Welcome to the new and official referral program tribe!