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Blog Enhancement Suite: How to grow your tribe using your invite link

Your tribe's invite link (referral URL) is the only direct link that allows new members to join your community in a manner that is as friction-less as possible and without a required invite. Utilize it on your blog, your social channels, and any other places to efficiently grow your mailing list, and earn referrals that will earn you a 55% split on all revenues.This guide outlines important information on how to use your invite link to effectively and responsibly promote your tribe and grow a bustling community that will soon be the heart of your blog.

  • There are currently two methods for using your invite link to promote your tribe: 1. by sharing the direct URL to your tribe, and 2. by sharing the content you post in your community on Snapzu.

  • PART 1: Tribe Invite Link

    Your tribe invite link is the only official direct link to your tribe which automatically sets a cookie allowing new users to “bypass” the invite system, a privilege only available to our trusted community leaders and blogging partners. Anywhere you want to link to your community, you will want to use this link, because it will allow users to join instantly, giving you credit as the referrer, and will automatically subscribe them to your tribe (and other similar tribes) and also follow you. This clever onboarding process has proven to be extremely effective in capturing and keeping new members engaged and coming back right from the get go, and helps keep the utmost important Platinum membership conversion numbers stay as high as possible.

    Advantages of your tribes's referral URL:

    • Nice URL: Your tribe's referral URL is personalized to show your username and tribe name in a nice and clean format. It's a heck of a lot more welcoming than most referral URLs.

    • Mailing list integration: Connect your Mailchimp account to your tribe and open up new cross-promotion opportunities that can grow your mailing list 3x faster than the old and dated "freebie incentive" method, and the even older "join my newsletter" method.

    • Invite omission: It allows the user to jump directly into your community, thus completely bypassing the invite system. This effectively turns all leaders (chiefs and moderators) into gatekeepers of Snapzu. As long as your tribe is verified by a member of the Snapzu team, and your affiliate status is in good standing, you will be able to invite anyone you think will be the right fit for your community.

    • Smart onboarding: When a user joins Snapzu, they automatically follow you (the affiliate partner) and your tribe, along with other similar tribes and their respective top members. New members get greeted with content they actually want to look at and users they likely share interests with. Your tribe is also prominently featured in a system message specifically designed to greet each user and point them in the direction of your community so they can jump right in on the action.

    • Set it and forget it: Add a link on your blog, website, social media profile(s), and/or anywhere else, and you're done! Just make sure it's in a visible area so your visitors can find it and check it out. Referrals will start flowing in and populating your tribe (and your referral pool), and the rest comes naturally. It'never a bad idea to diversify your portfolio and try new ways of generating revenue, especially in today's ad-block dominated web.

    What are some favorable social settings where I can link to my invite link?

    When linking to your tribe using your invite link, you must ensure that you're doing so in a tasteful and responsible manner.

    1. Your blog or website:

      A simple link from your blog or website to your tribe can work wonders. Just make sure that it's relevant with your target audience, and is visible so that your visitors can easily find it. It's also worth taking the time to make an introductory post introducing your new tribe (and Snapzu in general) to your audience, explaining how it works and what your users can do on it. People don't mind discovering new things, it just has to be presented in a tasteful and respectable manner.

    2. Social media:

      There are several social platforms that you (or your blog) may already have an active presence on. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Linkedin, sharing your tribe in the appropriate setting, group, hashtag, and/or other public interest area can go a long way. For any 1-on-1 interaction (chat, PM, tweet), we highly recommend that you use your provided invite codes.

    3. E-mail / Newsletters:

      An active mailing list or newsletter offers a great opportunity to promote your tribe. However, you may only do this if it's your own built mailing list, not a purchased one.

    Do NOT do the following:

    Doing any of the following may get your account suspended and/or terminated:

    • Do not "spam" your invite link blindly on forums, comment areas, and other places where it's clearly unwelcome and not relevant.
    • Do not share your invite link on forums or any other community that you have no previous history on.
    • Do not share your invite link anywhere on Reddit unless you are a moderator of said "sub-reddit". Otherwise, only use invite codes on Reddit.
  • PART 2: Your Content

    You can also effectively generate referrals and build your community by sharing the content you post on Snapzu. This includes all of your posts. For a post to be eligible, it must be submitted to your tribe, and has to reach a community quality check of +3 vote score (warning: do not try and cheat this). It works by adding a pop-over that will show after a minute (only to new unregistered users), which then tells the user to go check out your tribe (automatically linking to it with your invite link).

    Sharing your content has some fantastic benefits:

    • It's pure content: You can create original content and it will automatically collect referrals from all incoming traffic. All traffic, even organic search traffic counts!

    • Same URL: The URL to your post is in no way different than any other post on Snapzu.

    • Virality: If your post/content goes viral, expect to earn a dizzying amount of referrals. It may take a little luck but if/when it does happen, you rightfully reap the rewards.

    When and where should I share my posts?

    You can share your post anywhere, just like any other article or piece of content you may have already been sharing all along for all these years (to grow your blog if you have one.) The sky is literally the limit. The following are some recent examples of snaps that have already been shared around on various parts of the web, by people just like yourself:

    1. Social media:

      Twitter: twitter.com/SarahMMeyer/status/582491741518979073
      Facebook: facebook.com/digitizd/posts/10151734721078260
      Google+: plus.google.com/112341306538594663956/posts/FKJSUf3PH3u

    2. Other communities:

      Reddit: reddit.com/r/tech/comments/2d30ay/when-growth-hacks-go-unethical-the...
      Stumbleupon: stumbleupon.com/content/278NDZ/likes
      Pinterest: pinterest.com/pin/464081936577354475/
      Blogger: newscryptocurrency.blogspot.ca/2015/03/the-guy-who-ruined-dog...
      Tumblr: xxsusanlcxx.tumblr.com/post/82694623527/starry-night-in-van-goghs-perspective
      Scoop.it: scoop.it/legal-developments/p/4033205316/2014/12/08/france-bans-file...

    3. Forums and discussion boards:

      Example 1: forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1831541
      Example 2: bunspace.com/forum/thread?tid=18353

    4. Miscellaneous Articles (on your website/blog):


    Your tribe invite link, along with all the content you post can be an unparalleled tool in helping your tribe reach the next level.


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