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How to grow your tribe using your unlimited invite codes

Your arsenal of invite codes can play a key role in the early promotion of your tribe. As a tribe leader you have access to an endless supply of them, 20 active codes (per tribe), at any given time. Each invite code is unique and can create one account. This guide goes into invite codes, their advantages, and how you can use them to effectively promote and grow your community.

  • Invite codes as a promotional tool hold many advantages over other promotional methods.

    Why is Snapzu invite only?

    Snapzu is invite only for several reasons. First, it allows trusted community leaders to be the "gatekeepers" of the platform as a whole, where no one can join without first being invited by a community, influencer, creative, etc. Second, it creates a barrier of entry for people with any potential ill intentions, such as spammers and trolls, whom always seem to try and ruin the fun.

    The following are some advantages of using your Snapzu invite codes:

    • Exclusivity/Buzz: People naturally want things that they can't have and/or don't have access to.

    • Personal Touch: Invite codes add a personal touch that a referral link can never have.

    • Flexibility: Invite codes allow you to share your community (and Snapzu in general) in any way you choose to. You can link interested users to the Front Page (show them all the top posts), a tribe (if they are interested in a specific topic), any post or discussion, and so on. The invite code can be redeemed anywhere on Snapzu.

    • Catered Experience: When a user joins, they automatically follow you (the referrer) and your tribe, along with other similar tribes and their top users. Your tribe also gets mentioned in a private system message that introduces them to your tribe.

    What are the best social settings to share my invite codes?

    When sharing your invite codes, please ensure that you doing so in a tasteful and responsible manner. If sharing invite codes outside of your blog, website, or social channels, it is best if you already have a social footmark (and social connections) on the platform that you want to promote on.

    1. Social media:

      There are several social platforms that you may already have a presence on. These include the big 4 -- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin. Privately sharing your invite codes on these platforms (using PMs, chat, tweets, etc) with people that you already have connections with is extremely effective because there is always an added layer of trust. They say that word of mouth is the best type of promotion and this is no exception.

    2. Forums and discussion boards:

      Forums and discussion boards have been around for about as long as the world wide web itself. They provide a great tool for discussion and can be an excellent source for referrals. As a rule of thumb, you should only attempt to share your invite codes on a forum community that you have been an active member of for at least 6 months, and in the appropriate time and setting. We take spam very seriously, so blindly posting your invite code on irrelevant public forums is a recipe for getting your account terminated.

    3. Other communities:

      There are other communities such as Youtube, Imgur, Quora, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, and countless others that can be an ideal setting to share your invite codes. With many of these, your ideal approach would be to take the time to introduce yourself and your tribe, and explain how it works and what it's great for (to build a community of like minded people to share relevant content and links). People don't mind discovering new things, it just has has to be presented in a tasteful and responsible manner, and not forced down their throats.

    4. Email:

      Sending someone an invite code using email (to friends, colleagues, family, etc) is accepted as long as it's sent to someone you know and who also knows you. If you have a mailing list or newsletter, please to not use invite codes and consider using the Referral URL provided to you.

    Do NOT do the following:

    Doing any of the above can and will get your account terminated.

    • Do not share your invite codes blindly in any situation. Don't be that guy.
    • Do not use comments section of any website or article to promote your invite codes. It's never OK.
    • Do not share your tribe on forums or any other community that you have no previous history on. Again, this would be blatant spam.

    Sharing your invite codes responsibly can be an extremely effective tool that can help grow your tribe and your referral base. Remember that no single way is guaranteed to work, but trying out and mixing a number of different approaches together will most definitely give you the results you want.


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