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  • MadMonk

    The downvote button here isn't meant to be used the same way as it is on reddit. The downvote button here is more for if the post is offensive or doesn't fit in with the site's values than it is for merely disagreeing, and its a key difference to how the site as a whole runs.

    • Fooferhill

      A key difference. I think in transferring from other sites people need to take some time to understand the new sites rules and ethos rather than assuming that certain functions are the Same and looking for equivalents. This is a different site with its own unique rules and setup -not a new version of another site.

      • MadMonk

        I think people also need to realize that things will be setup differently, and instead of expecting them to change to meet their demands, they instead need to adapt to their new surroundings. Coming into someone else's home and telling them that you want them to let you wear shoes indoors even when its been the rule for years that you take them off at the door is just plain rude.

      • Fooferhill
        @MadMonk -

        Great point.

      • Teska
        @MadMonk -

        Very well put! Honestly, I'm more than happy to mold to Snapzu's culture, rather than repeat/rehash something that never felt that welcoming to me in the first place. Comments like this make me realize I made a terrific decision!

      • ofest
        @MadMonk -

        Is there a refugee/re-orientation tribe for former Redditors? Can one be created?

        I envision a place where Redditors can ask newbie questions and better acclimate to Snapzu culture.

      • MadMonk
        @ofest -

        I can probably make such a tribe if theres a demand for it.

    • Triseult

      I would think posts like "/t/nocontext" or pun trains would be considered to not "it in with the site's values," no?

      • MadMonk

        They aren't explicitly stated in the rules to be outside the site's values like the hate tribes are, so it would be up to the community as a whole to decide that.

    • cptpicard

      That's what it's for on Reddit too, but people don't use it that way.