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  • thesavagemonk

    I wish this were true, but I think in the long term, it's not sustainable. Simply ignoring is not enough. We need to work to create a culture where trolls, etc. don't get satisfaction from posting. While everyone ignoring them would be ideal, I don't think people will do it as the userbase grows. "Raging" or responding strongly isn't going to be successful either. I think the right thing to do is quickly, briefly call them out on their BS. "Your comment is inappropriate because BLANK." If we can somehow limit our responses to trolls to a single comment like that, I think there's a greater chance of delaying the onslaught of hostile comments.

    • drunkenninja (edited 3 years ago)

      We worked very hard to create a system that works against trolls and spammers on every turn, we hope this system will hold up as this community scales. Here is an excerpt taken from our Reputation & XP: A guide to Leveling on Snapzu documentation that I think everyone should read:

      Some of today's biggest social networks use "real name" policies that suppress creative expression by forcing users to construct alternate versions of themselves often narcissistic in nature to conform to social norms associated with offline life. This sucks! No one should ever have to pretend to be someone they aren't. On the other hand, anonymous social networks can promote abusive behavior like trolling and spamming due to a lack of accountability and real life consequences. Sadly neither approach fulfills the right environment to promote creativity and self expression, but we believe there may be another way!

      At Snapzu we embrace responsible anonymity with a platform that allows anonymous users to build-up a reputation based on creativity, quality, and positive interactions with others. A high level profile represents dedication and seniority, promoting mutual respect and trust amongst our members. Forget fake internet points, a system that factors in a 'reputation score' when calculating XP towards reaching higher levels rewards creative and helpful individuals, while punishing those who bring nothing but harm to the table.

      We have all worked hard to get to where we are as a community, and the mature and responsible personality is something we are willing to fight for as we grow.

      • Liam

        Yes, I was thinking the very same.

        The site has the feel of a personal branding while at the same time preserving all the good that comes with anonymity. People don't usually want to ruin their personal brand - but those that do can be dealt with accordingly.

        Very sound system, and I hope it works out as planned!