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  • typesprite (edited 3 years ago)

    Hey, /u/TRON1X! Welcome to Snapzu.
    Well, I'm a Computer Science student and besides that, I work as an iOS Developer in a small agency in Germany. Your profession sounds pretty interesting... what exactly does a normal day look like for you? :)

    PS: Cmd + F "developer"... Seems a lot of people here work in the IT! :D

    • TRON1X

      Well, I get my weekly schedule about two weeks in advance, and it's always a little different, but this past week I've been a tech on a summer concert series as a "lighting assist", basically, so I go and clock in at work around noon, the group running the event meets up at our storage warehouse, and we all go over to the venue together- audio, lighting, and sometimes video technicians. When I get there, the lighting crew chief will usually have some "to-do"s like fixing malfunctioning moving lights, (It's very hot and humid where I am which is hell on the moving parts!), or cleaning some of the inventory bit by bit. There are three concerts that start around 5 in the evening, so depending on the workload, if I'm done with backstage stuff I like to sit and watch the lighting programmer run the show, which is all done in a "busking" style (basically putting looks together on the fly, instead of using prerecorded "cues" that follow one another). In my downtime I'm trying to learn the lighting console that we use so we have a spare set up in the back that I work on when I can!

      Crazy about all the IT people here! Although IT folk usually have good taste in websites so I think that's a good sign for Snapzu! :)