Text Post: [IDEA] Reddit Refugees thread posted by folkrav
  • djsparky

    I agree, I was looking at other alternatives, and I think this one is similar and different enough to be something new and exciting.

    I came to reddit during the digg mass exodus, so now is another one.

    • TiengAnh (edited 7 years ago)

      Same here. Voat looks good too, but it just keeps going down; I understand there isn't enough money for proper servers or something.

      Reddit seems to have gone the way of Digg which went the way of Plastic.com, which later resurfaced as infinitetrees.com, in case anyone remembers that. (The latter seems all rather mysterious right now; maybe I'll sign up and see what's there; the former just doesn't do anything or go anywhere as far as I can tell.) This is from the nineties; I'm old.

      I intend to look around here and get active as time allows. Not going to be as passive as I was as on Reddit - there I was usually just hanging back and watching. I like the idea of starting "tribes".

      I do like the interface. Much more elegant and "grown up" than Reddit.

      • mod


        • TiengAnh

          I hope there might be plans for a "night mode" though, like in RES. Or maybe it does exist and I just haven't looked around enough yet...

          • Erik

            Amen to that, bright white interfaces hurt my eyes.

          • djsparky

            I'm still kinda confused by some things on here, actually most of them. But I'm trying to learn.

          • Ghostzebra (edited 7 years ago)
            @djsparky -

            Me too, do you know where you go to see your 3 invite codes after you've joined?? I feel so lost!

          • friberg
            @Ghostzebra -

            Click on your own little avatar-icon in the top bar, and in the same row as the PM's there should be an "invite codes" title! Click it :)!

    • Nerdeiro

      I saw the writing on the wall when Reddit's CEO Ellen Pao came up with all that talk about making Reddit "a safer place", but I was too lazy to look for an alternative before. Today was the proverbial straw.

      As another Digg refugee, I'm starting to understand how my Jewish ancestors felt, being forced from one place to another during the Diaspora.

    • Gish

      Only problem I have seen so far is load times. More than likely due to the recent "Reddit Refugees".