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  • Arbituz

    I'm in the same boat as you. Everyone seems really friendly and the general consensus even with new users here is to avoid disrupting the atmosphere. There's a lot of discussions in the lounge about how to best keep things the same while helping the site grow and this is great.

    I don't think I've seen a downvote on something that isn't spam so far which is kind of cool. The whole upvote/downvote idea is not meant to be about what you agree with and disagree with, it's about how good the content of the item is. So far Snapzu's community has done a great job in using it in this way. Hopefully things remain the same!

    Welcome to Snapzu!

    • FamousFellah

      I suspect the limited supply of downvotes helps. It's only 5/day for new users.

      • Arbituz

        I think it's such a good idea though. I mean, unless things get crazy and Snapzu is just bombarded with spam, you don't need to many more than that while the community is this small. So far I haven't really come across anything that needs downvoted.

        • HiddenSage

          To add to that, Snapzu's invite-only system should, in theory, limit the ability of spammers to exist here.

        • FamousFellah

          I absolutely agree with you.

    • Triseult

      I'm an ex-redditor and I really, really want to make Snapzu's "culture" thrive even though I'm new at it. This is a nice, shiny place, and I'm really hopeful the migrants won't ruin what seems like a fantastic little community!