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  • itsthenewmeta

    The only problem is snapzu servers can't handle all the love

    • Arbituz

      I think that the invite system has really helped though. Look at Voat, it's dead in the water and missing it's opportunity to grow immensely. While the invite system does turn people away, hopefully when those users who requested a code get it they will come and sign up, even if the Reddit fires have burnt out.

      • Nerdeiro

        And they lost their Paypal account, which make Bitcoin their only funding method, so they are probably out of money to rent more servers.


        • Arbituz

          Yeah, that had to have hurt. For someone like me who has never used bitcoin and probably won't anytime in the future, I would have no way to donate to them. I wonder why these sites are no using crowd sourcing sites like Kickstarter? Something like that may not be a long term solution, but could help them get past the hump sudden increase in traffic with funds to upgrade the servers.

          • jmcs

            They can't use something like kickstarter for the same reason they can't use paypal. Those services need to follow a superset of the laws of all countries they operate on, which makes it impossible for them to work with sites that don't even follow the laws of the country were they are hosted.

      • Kiwikku

        Empeopled is doing OK.

    • bogdan

      There was some downtime for about 50 minutes, but now they're up and rocking again. I feel like this is much better handled than how some other places are doing it... pokes voat with a stick

    • HeyYourself

      Haha yes! Kind of laggy, but, who actually cares? I prefer this than seeing 20 swastikas and 100 pics of hitler on my front page everyday!

      • Holymanta

        Yeah seriously Poe's law never fails

    • massani

      It's a lot better today than it was last night, so that's a good improvement! I'm sure the holiday has decreased traffic as well, so admins can have a better chance of improving servers and whatnot.

    • ClassyCritic

      I think the invite system is a good way to help the servers, and leave people excited. In my case, I was looking forward to visiting, and I was really excited to get the invite.