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Conversation 13 comments by 9 users
  • ClarkKent

    Lol, they probably spent two minutes on each site and looked at the top post. They see us discussing things that are a little more dare I say higher class.. Which is a low bar lol than the others so we are dull and boring.

    OH well.

    • VoyagerXyX

      If Snapzu is dull and boring then I would prefer to be dull and boring.

      • ClarkKent

        I am not dull and boring, I am adventurous and exciting. Now I am going to stare out my office window watching birds fly.

    • sobeyharker

      I spent a good week lurking on the larger sites and seeing how users interacted. There's a lot of talk about Reddit going on - I can't say I care for the drama so I was hoping these sites would do a better job of asserting their own sense of self.

      Snapzu isn't bad, it's a good site, but if you can't handle one person saying that he found it dull through passing as a community I fail to see what sets you apart from Reddit.

      • Amulet (edited 3 years ago)

        I think it's understandable that there's a lot of discussion about reddit right now: it is one of the biggest websites on the internet, the drama is currently a news topic all over the world, and thousands of reddit users have been joining the site with various axes to grind.

        A sense of self will certainly (re)assert itself over the coming months. Opinions formed during the past weeks' activity are likely not descriptive of the longer time frame.

    • Goronmon

      They see us discussing things that are a little more dare I say higher class..

      People on Reddit used to say the same thing about Digg...