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    Oky dokey so here we go.

    Location : England, Liverpool. Interests and hobbies. :Legitimately everything, it's very easy to grab my attention, arn't things fun! 5 Music artists : Pink floyd, muse, Beatles, Will-I-Am and ACDC 5 Films : Waking life, Alice in wonderland <3, The lion the witch and the wardrobe, Star wars and Harry Potter. 5 shows : Game of thrones, Daredevil, Breaking bad, Archer and It's always sunny in Philadelphia. 5 games : Final fantasy, Eve online, Diablo, Every moba ever and MORTAL KOMBAAAAAT! (Que theme song.) 5 books/authors. : Cosmic trigger, Illiminatus, Ruin, Morals and Dogma, Through the looking glass and the Book of Lies. Favourate tribes : Oooh I don't know, I havn't explored yet, I'll come back to that one! A goal of mine : To be a Millionaire by the time I am 30, or have a PHD by that time. Two truths and a lie. : I used LSD a few years ago therapy to cure depression, I'm a freemason who owns part of a private gentlemans club, I own the worlds largest collection of vintage candy bar wrappers.

    Have fun everybody!

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