• neg8ivezero

    As other users have said, you came to the right place. Welcome!

    Just to help you get started, there are lots of things that are different here. For example, the snap system is pretty unique- you would do well to play around with it a bit. Also the use of the down vote here is taken very seriously. Use it to indicate that content violates site rules, is spam, or is not relevant. Do not use it to indicate disagreement or dislike. A good place to get your bearings would be the FAQ and just so you know what to avoid, check out the Site Rules too.

    Other than that, glad you came to Snapzu and I look forward to seeing the content that you add to our community!

    • pseudopsynic

      Thanks a bunch! I love the down vote being used in that way! I'm really liking what I'm seeing here.

      Thanks for the welcome!