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  • Pockets69

    yes i know there is no API therefor no bots, but that will most likely be possible using the bot to do the good things and moderate your tribe if needed right?

    • redalastor (edited 3 years ago)

      First question is : Are they users? In the bot topic I started I suggest they shouldn't be, they should be marked as bots. It's an important question here because if they are users they occupy a mod slot.

      For instance, let say I make a scheduled post bot reponsible for posting a discussion at a regular interval and making it sticky and /u/double2 makes one that bans everyone that uses any other noun than snappers to refer to snapzu users. If you use both, it costs you two mod slots. It makes only swiss knife bots viable.

      Second is how much info and access do you want to give my bot and therefore me by proxy? On reddit the all purpose mod bot was automoderator, you gave it full access and it didn't matter because its creator was a reddit admin to begin with so he had access to everything anyway. The permission system for bot mod assistants would require some thoughts.

      • double2

        Team Snapper would never implement such draconian laws. Why ban a dissident when you can just gang up on them and attempt to convert them via peer pressure?

        But in all seriousness, it'd be nice if Snapzu are considering the way bots will interact with the site's framework from the beginning that they could create specially earmarked bot accounts with special allowances. Or perhaps bots could operate on an entirely parallel level, where instead of adding bots as mods, you have a bot-list which is just /u/[botname] in a series of input boxes, which would then permit whatever mod level duties you select from that bot on that nominated tribe?

        This kind of talk really gets me excited. I hope this site becomes as good as all these suggestions and positive feedback makes me anticipate it will.

      • redalastor
        @double2 -

        I'd go with /b/[botname], it might not be progressive but I believe in bot segregation.

      • double2
        @redalastor -

        That wouldn't be a bad idea. That would even allow for specially formatted bot profiles which show the bots owner details and statistics about what it's been doing.