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  • RedditExodus

    I'm not sure how do describe it if you haven't used any of the apps for Reddit.

    While Reddit basically required it for it to be convenient on your phone Snapzu doesn't really require it as its UI is very well designed for the phone.

    I think the best way for me to describe what I prefer about it is:


    1) I don't have to navigate through a browser (some of the other reasons basically reflect this)

    -This removes the "middle man" bringing me to the content with one less step


    2) Auto formatting to my phone

    -I never have to zoom in or out and it probably looks a little better because of it (they designed the site very well for mobile users but this is just the nature of mobile browser's being in between me and the content)


    3) If I have multiple accounts I can switch easily

    -Obviously this isn't really practical at this point (with Reddit refugees still coming in its kind of wasteful) but I know on Reddit it sure made life more convenient to have a secondary account for something you might not want associated with your main account (porn, which is the only reason I still go to Reddit. I have some niche porn subreddits that I haven't quite found a substitute for here)


    4) Convenient short cuts

    - This is a really simple and unnessasary one but I know I loved having a quick access to formatting in Reddit Sync. I could have just typed it, but it was slightly more convenient.


    I think I might be able to list more but it mainly can be described by what I'm doing right now. I'm typing a fairly long list squiting at a screen because my browser isn't really the best interface for this. While it may be very versitile, allowing it to browse many other sites for many other reasons, it isn't specialized for Snapzu.

    A Snapzu app would be wonderful, but I can be patient because it really is a beautiful interface (in case you didn't figure it out yet I love sites that take mobile users into consideration)


    Let me know if my formatting is an eye sore. I'm still new and I'm trying to adjust (still haven't seen a lot of examples yet of the standard on how people phrase things here but that will happen with time)