• AnusBlender (edited 8 years ago)

    so far, Reddit hasn't destroyed it

    I'm really liking their invite system. It makes this place much less susceptible to suddenly being overwhelmed by another community.

    • neg8ivezero

      I agree. I think the trickle-in with the invite system does a great job at managing traffic increases as well. The proverbial "hug-of-death" can't really happen here due to the invite system. This gives the site administrators a chance to upgrade as traffic demands increase without losing too much functionality or having large amounts of down time. The added benefit is that people have to take their time in getting into Snapzu, which forces them to learn the rules and the community while simultaneously deterring trolls from even joining.

      • FurtWigglepants

        There's a subreddit that has out snapzu invites on request. It's how I got mine. /r/SnapzuInvites

        • RedditExodus (edited 8 years ago)

          Even so it's still better than everyone joing at once. I got mine from someone when they saw me mention all the codes were already taken on that thread.

          ...hold on, I want to put his name down because he (or she or they) gave me a chance at another site when everything else was being crushed to death.


          /u/PrismDragon is a cool dude.

        • PrismDragon
          @RedditExodus -

          Thanks for the mention RedditExodus. I'm Torvusil from Reddit BTW, and hope you enjoy the community on this site.

        • RedditExodus
          @PrismDragon -

          It was a little difficult at first but I think now that I'm over that I'm really starting to like this site (it's so well designed!).

          I think I will be able to settle here for a long time, hopefully the same thing doesn't happen here that happened on Reddit (alot can change in a few years and holding power is the true test of man)

      • Spooky

        Yeah, aside from a few long loading times on my first day here, I've had zero problems. Hopefully they'll be able to slowly scale up to accommodate everyone.