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Love discussions on SNAPZU but wondering what's casual and what's not?

I'm always up for some discussion and love off the wall, interesting and different topics -not too intense. Wondering what is casual conversation and what isn't.

3 years ago by Fooferhill with 3 comments

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  • idlethreat

    I consider this Tribe is pretty formless and casual. Strike up a conversation about your favorite topic and see if you happen to get any bites. Check out previous conversations to see how they fared.

    It's a Friday, so you should get some interesting input.

  • massani

    Yeah, my intention with creating this tribe was primarily for a place to post anything you want. From stories, to jokes, to pictures about your life, and random discussions. The idea behind 'casual' was more that we aren't limited to a certain type-based discussion like say /t/asksnapzu. I also wanted to create a community where we can get to know each other and establish friendships along the way. Serious stuff can be posted here, for the most part, and mostly in terms of seeking advice or dealing with some tough stuff in your life. And certain precautions will be taken in those posts (like seeking advice in real life, etc.). It was also because as we keep growing bigger as a community, /t/lounge would be seeing an increase in welcome posts and whatnot. By creating conversation here, it wouldn't get all bottled up alongside those welcome posts (you can of course say hi here though as well :D).

    Basically just be kind, respect the rules, talk about whatever is on your mind, and have fun!

  • Boop

    Anything that is not super-serious can go here! Although if the conversation goes that way, why not? Just post anything you like and see if people respond. We're pretty casual.