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What are your weekend plans?

Hello /t/casualconversation!

Every Friday I will be posting this discussion thread around 10-11am EST.

And without further ado, what are your weekend plans?


I have zero plans! :D Working on portfolio stuff as usual and other non-important tasks. I'm attempting to get a job in UX in either NYC, Chicago, or LA by March of next year, so just gotta keep on trucking along and improving my skillset! I sort of also want to go to Market Days in Chicago, which is the Midwest's largest street festival. It's mostly geared towards the LGBT community, but there's tons of other fun stuff going on as well. I think I'll just save that for next year though.

4 years ago by massani with 10 comments

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  • drunkenninja (edited 4 years ago)

    1. Complete the voting system improvement introductory blog post.
    2. Test upcoming release functionality that we plan on launching next week.
    3. Enjoy some much needed time with family & friends, maybe grill some steaks and drink some beers (well the last part is obvious).

  • MePLUR

    Eagerly awaiting the start of the Premier League tomorrow. Nothing else matters at this point :)

  • chuckqfinn

    ton of stuff i should do, but probably going to avoid like the plague by sleeping in as late as possible.

    • massani

      You should just extend that into not getting out of bed all day and eating a tub of ice cream for your 3pm breakfast. I know I would.

  • DrunkOldMan

    Mow the lawn, get some drinking and chair time in out in the sun, maybe finish off a Steven King novel, put some parts back on one of my cars and drink some more.

  • Cobbydaler

    Photograph the local car show tomorrow. Main Street is shut from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and people park up their cruisers, hot rods, supercars, muscle cars etc for people to admire.

    • massani

      Is it the Woodward Dream Cruise?

      • Cobbydaler

        No, that's next Saturday. This is just a mile long stretch of our Main Street closed so people can park their cars to be admired. Unfortunately we'll be in Chicago when the dream cruise is on. People start building up to it early though, we're seeing plenty of classic cars around already.