What are your weekend plans?

Hello /t/casualconversation! And Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Every Friday I will be posting this discussion thread around 10-11am EST.

And without further ado, what are your weekend plans?


My best friend is coming up for the weekend with his girlfriend and we plan on heading to our old college town to have fun and drink a lot. I'm really excited since I haven't seen him since May. My dad is also coming up from Virginia. I haven't seen him in a month so it's going to be nice to catch up a bit. Besides that, not much. Plan on getting a job application ready to submit next week so that will probably take up most of my free time this weekend.

5 years ago by massani with 4 comments

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  • idlethreat

    Let's see... Tomorrow me and the wife are heading down to "Warehouse weekend". Basically, shopping at some odd little places that are only open one day a month in downtown KC. Wife went last month and managed 8 miles of walking back and forth between places. Looks like it will be a fun way to check things out and get a little exercise in.

    Sunday morning is another 5K. I think it's our 12th of the year. Next weekend is the first 10K of the year. Gotta spend next week training a bit.

    And Monday? No idea. probably resting some- but more likely will hit the trails and bike some. We have a 5 mile bike race to get ready for next month.

    • massani

      I love how active you guys are. Running 5Ks are such a great way of staying in shape.

      • idlethreat

        Naah, man. It's not all that. I'm definitely more in the "fat man crying and sweating on pavement" department. I just happen to do it. A lot. Horribly. Repeatedly.

        But hey, free t-shirts, right?