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Playing Diplomacy together - When should we start?

So, a few days ago we were thinking of creating sessions of the Diplomacy game online so we could all play.

We have now got a lot more new members in the tribe, so I assume some more people will want to join. Therefore we could do different teams of 7 people if that is the case.

In Team A we have:
/u/tehdiplomat (played it before)

Team B:
/u/manix (possibly)

We should also be thinking of when we should start playing. Shall we say next Sunday, the 12th? That leaves us a week to look into the rules and organise ourselves.

We'll be using Gamesbyemail to play

/u/tehdiplomat: The GamesByEmail implementation has an interactive Judger where you can test move scenarios while everyone is reading the rules, to see exactly what happens in certain situations. Sometimes it's easier to see what's going on when you are able to poke around at a move list. http://gamesbyemail.com/Games/Politics/Judge

3 years ago by Cheesemangeur with 8 comments

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  • caelreth

    As far as I know, Sunday the 12th works fine for me.

  • ressmox (edited 3 years ago)

    Will be going through the rules today, so anytime after today should be good with me.

    Edit: I'm already on the first list D:

  • tehdiplomat (edited 3 years ago)

    I'm ready whenever. If it were up to me, I'd say try to start sooner than later so people's commitment doesn't wane while we wait around to start.

    Edit: Also, I believe PrismDragon also wanted to play looking at the original post..

    • Cheesemangeur

      Thanks I've updated this post with that user. It would be nice to start earlier but so far not people have commented on this snap.

      • tehdiplomat

        Yea I think because it's pinned it didn't show up in my feed. I just happened to find it today when going directly to the tribe wondering if we were going to start soon.

        • Cheesemangeur

          I was worrying about this. I'll unpin it and hopefully it will show up for people. If there's nothing on Wednesday I'll make another snap. Thanks for letting me know.

          • tehdiplomat

            Yea even your replies in this thread aren't highlighting my notification box. I'm not sure if it's intentional, or an issue with the system.