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As a writer/blogger/creative, how do you handle negative feedback or criticism?

I got some nasty comments the other day and it's been on my mind a lot lately. Thanks in advance!

5 months ago by j0rg with 11 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    I find it tough at times if the overall criticism is negative, but generally I approach it in a manner of it being a learning experience. If someone took the time to criticize, then I will take the time to see if I can learn from it. Of course the trolls are ignored :D

  • jedlicka

    I am not a professional writer by any means but I welcome constructive criticism on whatever I write. If I don't agree, I argue until I am convinced. But I do firmly believe in honest criticism.

  • Yen8765

    Years ago, I always took it personally. Now that I've grown mentally I don't take it personally anymore.

  • pho

    First I get annoyed. Then I think on it for a few hours and realize they are right :P

  • happynjoyful

    I take positive feedback way too much to heart and let criticism bother me way too much. But so far, it hasn't affected my motivation any and I feed off of my hatred for those who don't like what I do or write. By far the most hurtful is the lack of support by the people I care about, and have supported greatly throughout the years.

  • paddystacks

    Great question. I usually look at what they’ve criticized to see if they have an actual valid point. If I think they’re right I try to improve it then and there and in the future. If I think they’re wrong I brush it off. Not everyone is gonna agree on what makes something great.

  • ubthejudge

    The same way I handle it as a teacher. Everyone in the world thinks they know how they would teach a subject. Everyone has an opinion. Some think you do it well, while others are happy to tell you that you are the worst human on the planet. You just move on to the next day, or in this case, the next creative project.

  • j0rg

    Thanks for the all the replies!

  • FF88

    If it’s constructive, learn from it and grow. If it’s trolling, I just ignore it as it's not worth my time.

  • theway

    Rhino skin, I just deflect it and move on