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Ask: What does everyone use to write their drafts?

1 year ago by xXwraithXx with 14 comments

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  • ricosw

    I honestly haven't written anything in a few months, been busy. But when I do, I use google docs. I have it synced across several devices I use.

  • katymac

    I draft straight into WordPress. My draft count gets in the hundreds LOL.

  • happynjoyful

    Google docs and notes on my phone. When I finish typing it out on my phone I transfer it to google docs. I have a few folders in my drive to keep my blog’s organized in case I can’t find one.

  • sjvn

    Google Docs, LibreOffice, and--believe it or not--vi. I've been writing for a very, very long time. That said, use whatever works for you. The word processor is just a tool. You want something, which fits you and you're comfortable with.

  • drunkenninja

    I use OneNote. Works well, it has a clean interface and really enjoy the automatic cloud updates.

  • poertral

    Personally I love MS Word. It has a lot of helpful tools, and I can add additional tools to it (like Pro Writing Aid and the Kindle add-in.

  • zebrugge

    MS Word. When I have a good enough draft, I then copy it into WordPress and fix everything that Yoast tells me I'm doing wrong :P


    I typically use microsoft word. I write it, edit it, transfer to the Wordpress editor, fine tune it, add links and images, and then FINALLY post.