• drunkenninja

    Can't see to get away from it, feels like I am constantly getting interrupted by emails, skype messages, text messages, app notifications, etc. Sometimes when I get away for a few days and my phone has no signal I get to rest from all of that, which is nice.

    • IridescentOak

      That reminds me of when I got my first phone from my parents. After a few months with it, I just gave up and told my mom she could have the phone back, because I was constantly getting rung. (I did come to regret this decision, though not until a few years later; I was the quiet kid who always had their nose stuck in a book.)

    • SuperCyan

      I have a girlfriend that likes to talk 24/7, and it constantly reminds me of that desire to get away from it all.

      I'm the type of person that can lie around and literally do nothing for hours; I love doing it. Sometimes, I just want to sit around and think without interruption. However, if I do, I get a thousand "Hello?", "Are you ignoring me?", messages if I get away from my phone for an hour.