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Your Snapzu XP is converted to cash at a 1 XP to $1 ratio. What do you do with your newly found riches?

I'm buying a nice Lambo and moving to the lakeside. You?

3 years ago by aj0690 with 36 comments

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Conversation 5 comments by 6 users
  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • click

    $8000 in cash? driver's license. keep half of the rest in bank, invest the other half. Before that, learn how to invest.

    • ttubravesrock

      I think you're looking in the wrong spot. there's xp/level and there's total xp.

      • click

        You're totally right! It's closer to 60k. Still... I think I'll go with the same strategy ;)

  • spaceghoti

    Pay off my car loan and put the rest into a safe investment portfolio for my retirement.

    • pixelboot

      This is exactly what I was going to say as well

  • idlethreat (edited 3 years ago)

    Woah. 1.5 million XP. WTF. What have you people been doing to my comments. I can't be that entertaining. Just ask my wife.

    After the company president sold the place to another company, he was awesome enough to give everyone bonuses commensurate with their time at the company. Since I was there for over 7 years at that point, I ended up with a nice chunk of change once the sale went through.

    While I'd love to say 'beer and hookers occurred' that's not what happened. Spent some on a nice vacation out of town, came back and put the rest in the bank. Been sitting on it ever since. Ignore that it's there.

    So yeah. I'd probably get into a new house and pay it off but everything left over would go into the credit union in the rainy day fund. the CU folks already hump my leg and offer me extra cookies whenever I stop by, they'd probably give up pretenses and just hug me whenever I show up.

    • xg549

      Yeah your wife complains all the time about how not entertaining you are.

      Maybe that's why she talks to me so much. :^)

  • a7h13f

    $450,000. My car is a piece of shit, so it's getting replaced. I'll likely spend a few more thousand dollars buying small things I've been wanting as well as paying of some debt. Then I'd probably invest at least half of it.

  • ScrabbleDudesGF

    It's not exactly riches, but it's enough for a little vacation which would be nice since I haven't had one in years. I would take a week off and drive up to the North Shore with my boyfriend and enjoy the cool weather of Lake Superior.

    • idlethreat

      Eek! One year went with the wife to visit the family in Green Bay. The day after Christmas we drove out to a beach on Lake Michigan. I don't think i've ever been colder in my life. Winds were probably 30m/h coming off of the lake. Had to do a sideways crab walk to keep from getting blown over by it.

      Craziest thing I've ever seen was snow on sand. I just walked around for the longest just... Kicking snow off to marvel at the sand under it. Flopped down and made "snond angels" (mix of snow and sand). Got back into the van and hauled ass back to the warm house.

      I'm originally from the deep south. Lived about 20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico all of my life. Seen mountains of sand in my day, but never any snond.

  • Cobbydaler (edited 3 years ago)

    With $9.8m we'd move back to the UK, buy an apartment in the centre of Manchester and a Caterham 7. Bank the rest for our retirement.

    • CuppaMatt

      That is one sweet ride!

      Also, totally hit up us Northern UK Snappers for a drink when you get back!

  • Qukatt

    Pay for a %50 deposit on a house :) not too shabby even after converting to pounds

  • redalastor

    I hire someone to write clever stuff for me so I can get more XP and thus, more money.

  • Zephyrium

    30k, Pay off most of the Wifeys and I's debt spend the rest on a new car

  • Nerdeiro

    Buy a water mattress with little golden fish swimming inside. Maybe a bathtub filled with yogurt too.

  • Gozzin

    Give half of it to my friends,then more to Australia most likely.

  • CuppaMatt

    3d printer/scanner, T-Shirt printing machine and a decent van.

    I'm then set up for future comic cons (I'm a comic book artist) and can essentially jump a couple of levels in terms of building up my business.

    • hitthee

      have any samples of your artwork?

      • CuppaMatt

        Sure: www.matthasawebsite.com is my main hub, click on the Facebook link to get to my FB page, it's all very cute stuff. Not horrifically many examples on my site at the moment as I'm working on a new book in secret :)

  • madjo (edited 3 years ago)

    I'd pay of a few debts, and then go on a long vacation to the US.

  • Odin

    Buy a fancy drum kit & upgrade my pc a bit. With the money that's left I'll take my family out for dinner.

  • ttubravesrock (edited 3 years ago)

    hmm... with just under 900K I would pay off my house ($150K), buy a newer model used CAT 420D tractor ($50K), pay for a well to be drilled and plumbed to my house ($50K), replace my generator + battery bank with solar + new battery bank ($25K), buy two nice Ranger-style four/six wheelers for working around my property ($25K), build a new half mile driveway ($150K), and ask my work if I could take a year long sabbatical so that I could take a nice trip with my wife, and then go on a nice trip. Actually, I'd probably do the trip first so that we don't have to worry about our new stuff walking away.

    The rest of the money (minus $50K) would go into my retirement fund.

  • batwithahat

    I don't have enough XP to get anything than a sweet PC. Which is still pretty cool.