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Do you wear a watch?

Why or why not?

2 years ago by jasont with 10 comments

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  • OldTallGuy

    Yes, I've got a few automatic mechanical watches that I use. I prefer a watch over a phone because all I have to do is glance at my wrist to tell the time, it's more convenient than my phone. Other than my wedding ring it's the only piece of jewelry that I wear.

  • nevermind

    Yep, a cheapish but nice Seiko automatic. Back in the days of dumbphones, I didn't wear a watch for years - I just used my phone. But I realised a year or two back that with a smartphone, I get it out of my pocket to see what time it is, then check Facebook, then check Twitter, have a look how things are going on eBay, take a look at the weather forecast, read my email, check Facebook again and put my phone back in my pocket probably still not knowing what time it is. So now, in the face of all the modernity, I use a clunky old mechanical watch to tell me what time it is.

  • jenjen1352

    No because it developed a fault. Luckily I found a decent looking mobile phone to replace it.

  • Fuyu

    No because my watch strap got broken by a puppy (my fault for using it as a toy for him). I really would like to get a new one, though. Managing a phone as a clock is a pain.

  • marenmor

    Yep. Cheapest cheap from a charter trip, but looks expensive.

  • Dernhelm

    I enjoy my pebble. It is nice to quickly glace down and see who is calling or texting without having to pull my phone out.

    • SuperCyan

      I have a Samsung Gear Live, and I feel naked leaving the house without it.

      I use it to check messages, tell time, and change my music. It's nice being able to just glance down and have all the information I need, without having to pull out my phone, unlock it, and check my notifications. It just feels a lot easier, and less rude, because I'm just passively looking down, rather than actively pulling my phone out and using it.

  • blitzen

    I sport around a large-ish Garmin GPS running/activity watch, one that is designed to look more like a nice watch and less like a piece of computer on your wrist. However, it is too large to fit under my cuffs while I work, so I leave it off then.

  • mangochutney

    Yeap, got myself a Tissot that has served me well for almost a decade.

    That being said - I dont think I'd spend the kind of money people do on smartwatches.