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  • MyAnacondaDoes (edited 3 years ago)

    1. Ransack the store across my street immediately!

    Common mistake is to let it be until after you get your home stuff in order, wonder why every protagonist in media always gets nothing from markets? Grab extras of what I am lacking that I am going to be taking, extra water bottles and canned foods, along with plenty of batteries, and any medications I would need. Fill an entire backpack with the stuff. Food for months if rationed properly.

    2. Gather home supplies!

    Another backpack, tent, sleeping bag, more canned goods, more water bottles, a flashlight, more batteries, plenty of medical goods (band aids, neosporin, peroxide, gauze, cloth tape), lighter, flint and steel, matches, bat, largest blade I have, my ax, some of my books, my phone and it's charger, and my original GameBoy w/ Tetris, Mario Land, and Pokemon Yellow. Edit: Probably need a can opener also.

    Mostly necessary things, but I need to last in isolation and need entertainment and information. I am also bringing many unnecessary things while leaving behind more common things like extra clothes and whatnot. I'm probably going to be alone, so bringing more clothes is not really a worry.

    3. Get outta town!

    Take my car and haul ass. Edit: On my way out, I would hit up a hunting store and grab a handgun, tons of bullets, and some snares/bait for small game. Maybe a camo outfit. Big mistake is to stay in town, and organize with friends/family. Also, people are untrustworthy. Head to the wilderness immediately. I live in Michigan and live near one of the great lakes (Lake Eerie) which are national parks, I break into there and camp out. Also, at this point scout out the area and see if there is anyone or anything nearby that is harmful or helpful. If anything that makes me uneasy is around, delve deeper into the woods.

    4. Grab more supplies!

    As soon as camp is setup and secure, empty both of my backpacks and head to the nearest market and fill both with food and water again. Enough food for hopefully a year now if rationed properly. Take my car back to camp, drop off backpacks, then hide my car ~1 mile away under twigs, sticks, and leaves. Then set up the snares in the opposite direction from my camp about the same distance away.

    5. Talk to everyone important to me!

    Now alert my family I am fine and in hiding, chat with them for the rest of the day on my phone. Hopefully invite some to join me if they are fine or want to. After that, kick back and wait for this to blow over or for supplies to dwindle then grab more and keep waiting. Maybe at this point, have a wank too. It would have been a long day.

    Anything I could do to revise this plan?

    • idlethreat

      Anything I could do to revise this plan?

      Take into account the other 5,000-10,000 in your immediate area doing the exact same thing ;)