What book have you read that the ending left you very disappointed?

I just finished reading 'Cryptonomicron', and was really into it. It took a while for me to read, but only because finding time to read it was an issue. I was floored when the ending basically wrapped up in a handful of paragraphs, and even then with a lack of detail and such an improbable manner. The entire book was sooo good on the 'hows & whys', and then it just dropped a brick on your head, telling you that it's over.

I mean really?! The great ending was to hose down the main chamber with fuel oil, light it, and melt the gold out of it? What about all the gold that would just pool on the floor, or go down another shaft? What about the jewels? And how the hell do you drill a hole sideways at a slight upward angle without needing men to go up there and work it? Why not just send men in there and claim all the gold if that was the case? And what was the deal with that crazy lawyer Andrew Leib? He seriously shows up in the jungle in a business suit and stalks the group? Ugh, so many questions.

Oh well, the rest of the book was great.

7 years ago by PushPull with 14 comments

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  • OldTallGuy

    The Bible. Everything goes to hell and then comes the end of the world. I hope I didn't spoil it for anyone.

  • massani

    The ending to Harry Potter.

    I really wanted both Harry and Voldemort to die. I was disappointed that that didn't happen. I understand why it didn't in a way (in regards to the huge backlash), but I really wanted for JK Rowling to go that route. Then it happened, and then I read the epilogue and let out a huge sigh...

    • ClassyCritic

      I didn't care for the ending either. I feel like Rowling added too many deaths that really didn't matter. Lupin and everything, sure it was a little sad but it really felt like it was just a side thing.

      • massani

        I didn't mind those so much, as I sort of expected it with the ending battle. I'm also a sucker for some good tragedy, muaha, so I really liked those aspects. Which is the exact reason why I hated the ending, it felt too lovey-dovey, everything is perfect to me. Like you named your kids those names? Really?! And of course he married Ginny, of course. Not some fleeting teenage romance that ended, and he ended up marrying someone random. I'm probably reading way too much into a children's book though, haha.

    • [Deleted Profile] (edited 7 years ago)

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  • cunt

    The Crucible - A shit book in general

  • Fooferhill

    Gone Girl. Reading through an implausible plot wasn't bad enough-and we were expected to believe the main character actually kept a diary written like a novel-then it just ends. I felt like the author was taking too long to finish the book and got the "hurry up" from the publisher so went for a cheap, rushed and unsophisticated ending. Why this book was popular is beyond me. Maybe readers don't care any more-any old trash will do.

    • Medicine

      Totally agree, I felt a little like I wasted my time reading it

  • Urbanknight4

    The ending of the Eragon series. The last book, Inheritance, ended on such a shitty and lukewarm point as opposed to the badassery of the rest of the series that it left you thinking if maybe Paolini simply gave up and decided to troll everyone.

    Seriously. That ending was an absolute unfair piece of bollocks.

  • Teakay

    The first one that comes to mind is The Hobbit. C'mon Tolkien, they can't just go through all of that only to let the king under the mountain and both heirs to the throne die in battle! Dain didn't even want to send help, for pete's sake, he doesn't deserve the throne.