• Advanthera (edited 5 years ago)

    I find that to deem something unpopular because it isn't sexy is demeaning to women. Also to imply that women should wear shoes that can cause numerous health problems to feet, legs and backs* (not too mention can be uncomfortable and hard to walk in) because it's sexy sounds to me like you are saying our looks are more important than our health or comfort.

    You are allowed your opinion and, in fact, to an extent, I agree with you, leggings as trousers can sometimes be a bad choice. When I see people wearing them in professional situations I can't help but wonder why. However due to the poorly worded nature of your comment, and the implications it makes, I have down voted you. I thought you should know.


    edit: fixed a word

    • Cobbydaler

      The policy on Snapzu is that downvotes are not used to disagree with a poster's position, but as a moderation tool.

      • Advanthera

        The comment was sexist. I left the comment explaining why, giving them the benefit of the dobut in case they didn't realize the implications. Also giving the user the opportunity to address the unfortunate phrasing, at which point I would have more than happily removed the downvote. However, as the comment stands, I stand by my down vote. Discrimination is more than a simple disagreement.