• DirtyCommie

    My neighbours are psychopaths. We have had to call the police three times because he has began hurling abuse over our fence at us for no reason. The first time it happened it was because we trimmed back branches of his tree's that were growing into our property and making it difficult to mow the lawn properly. This is a perfectly fine thing to do but he went absolutely mental and began screaming and threatening us. If it wasn't for the fact that we had a very large and very territorial boxer at the time, he would have jumped the fence. A couple of years later, after said boxer had died we got another one. When this dog was about 6 months old (still a puppy) he wandered into their garden and we heard him scream at the dog and literally kick it over the fence. Currently he is on a warning that if he interacts with us in any way again he will be arrested.