Snapzu, what are some things we can do to help Snapzu?

Maybe my question doesn't make sense, but over the past week I have seen things happen here that I haven't witnessed in long time. We have a lot more members with this wave, we definitely have a lot more great content and it appears the admins are practically sleeping with their keyboards attached to their cheeks trying to keep up with all of us. I'm wondering about what we, the early members can do to help. I guess I'm worried that if we don't give it our all to make this place what we want it to be, it may go poof. I figure the admins can chime in and let us know what we can do to help, but generally speaking thousands of heads are better than 5 or 6, no offense given.

[So my question again] What are some things we can do to help Snapzu?

6 years ago by 90boss with 31 comments

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  • 3rdWheel (edited 6 years ago)

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  • VoyagerXyX

    I think just continuing to provide a friendly atmosphere and good conversation are the most us average memebers can do to keep things the way they are. It's hard to see into the future of Snapzu but if everyone treats others how they'd like to be treated, not much could go wrong in the forseeable future and I think we're doing a great job of that thus far.

    • OnlySlightly (edited 6 years ago)

      This is what horrifies me. I really want to keep snapzu a friendly place. But I feel as a community grows bigger it gets harder and harder to keep the hate out. Even if it's limited to a small group, that group is usually the loudest. I know I might be getting into 'back in my day' mode but I joined reddit 7 years ago and it was generally a pretty friendly place. And although I think it is still generally friendly it's hard not to see mob mentalities and vitriolic hatred pop up from time to time. I wish there carrots for friendliness or sticks for abusive behavior.

      • spaceghoti

        It's here. There's really no way to keep it out, but the admins express confidence that their exp system will keep the worst of it in check. For the rest, it will be up to us to set the example and maintain the positive atmosphere that sets Snapzu apart.

      • davidrools

        I hope the trend I think I'm seeing continues, and that is that there's sort of a self-selection bias going on among the reddit alternatives. FPH fanatics are heading toward Voat, which undeniably markets itself as uncensored.

        Snapzu and its users need to make it clear that this is the place for polite discussion. The "Canada of the Internet" as I'm calling it. The rude are welcome, but only if they're on their best behavior. If the trolls begin to starve, they'll go elsewhere - so don't feed them. Respond to asinine comments with respect and logic (or nothing at all). Idiots will get bored and move along.

        • Csellite

          I highly agree! I am feeling a shift in the atmosphere in the past day or two and I'm a little worried but kindness breeds kindness just like hate breeds hate. I have been continuing to enjoy myself and respectfully share my thoughts. Glad that everyone seems to share the same opinion!

  • the7egend

    Submit new content to the site, even if it's in tribe your normally wouldn't follow, content is king for a site like this, so the more articles, videos, etc here, the more chances there are people will stick around for the other content.

    Encourage and participate in good debate/conversations in the comments. Best thing about being here is there is a huge lack of one-liner responses, there's healthy discussion and contrasting beliefs without the fear of downvotes.

    Downvote when only neccessary, if the comment is way off topic, hateful, or just not constructive to the conversation then downvote it, however just because it's a differing view than yours and it has a well constructed rebuttal doesn't mean you show downvote it.

    And above all, be yourself. The best thing I think we can do as members is be true to ourselves and post the things we like, join the tribes we share an interest in and make friends with others with like minds. The community is small enough right now where you can see the same users posting in various threads and see them on the frontpage and in the tribes you follow, it's tight knit and a close community right now.

    • Autumnal

      I literally have not downvoted yet, you have to treat it like a nuclear option

    • Goronmon

      Yup, content is king. Post snaps and comment whenever you can. It can be depressing when you post a snap that gets upvotes, but no comments. Personally, I use sites like Reddit/Snapzu as much for the comments as the links. If all I cared about was links, I would stick to my RSS feed.

    • Guilhem

      I agree, content is key. Because each time I find something cool on snapzu, I can link the snapzu link with the comments to friends. In the end, they will come if there is new content on a daily baisis,.

  • [Deleted Profile]

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  • Splitfish (edited 6 years ago)

    - Share your codes with friends and peeps at communities you're active in, a website like this needs a constant stream of new members to grow and retain a good flow of content.
    - Start a tribe about something you have an interest in, fill it with content, use the promotional tools to grow it because growing your tribe also helps to grow snapzu.

    All add more to this if I get any more ideas.

  • Boudicca

    Your question does make sense to me. I guess though it is up to the admins to let us know what, if anything we can be of assistance with. I hear your concern that maybe this big, sudden, influx may somehow ruin a good thing. I am part of that sudden influx of people and am very grateful to be somewhere that has a kinder, more thoughtful and intelligent culture and hope to be a positive contributor here. I am sure, from what I have read from people coming in, that they they are also blown away by this place. I think voyagerxyx has a good point about how we treat each other. Maybe we can send the admins some coffee? :)

  • oystein

    Pay for servertime!

    • [Deleted Profile]

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  • babymeta1 (edited 6 years ago)

    Let's continue being friendly towards each other and let newcomers have a great time while they spend it here. Snapzu is a little piece of internet heaven at this point.

  • aj0690

    I think by just mentioning snapzu on other communities is a big leap to helping people discover this place and help it grow as a community. If you see someone asking for an alternative to reddit, or a cool community, or anything that is similar to what snapzu is, take a moment to let people know about this place.

  • Pockets69

    I think teaching the young'uns our philosophy and post in their "welcome thread" is enough to make them feel welcomed to our community, I speak for myself I felt pretty great being greeted by a ninja!! ok he is drunk but still it's a Ninja :)

    • Wenjarich (edited 6 years ago)

      I'm may not be a ninja, nor am I an original snapper, neither am I drunk, however I am Sir Wenjarich, the Pencil Knight (see my pic if confused) and I bid you a fine greeting sir! I hope this warms your day and brightens your adventures through Snapzu.

      Edit I am off to the Tribe named Lounge to do my part in making the young'uns feel safe and at home. If a ninja can do it then how can I as a knight not?

      • Pockets69

        Well good sir, I fine greeting to you too, it did warm my day indeed, enjoy welcoming the kids :)

        also nice pencil skills, you should post on /t/drawings or /t/art :)

        you got a follower.

        • Wenjarich

          Sho, it is tiring but rewarding work over at the tribe Lounge. I have done what I can tonight but it is time for me to retreat to slumber. I am humbled by your choice to follow my journey and your kind words on my pencil weilding skills. Unfortunately my days of pencils combat with the enemy named paper is on hold as I battle more important demons in my life. Hopefully I will return to that noble task once more in the future. Then I will take my place amongst the proud members of tribe Art and tribe drawings.

          • Pockets69

            Sir you need to teach me your ways of speaking :)

  • zyrthofar

    Are there any possibilities about an official open-source mobile app? This seems like something that I would be interested into participating if it's on github!

  • learnerkid

    Just one suggestion, I think we need a place where we are able to collect the best of snapzu and present it to a newcomer. I don't mean it to be an exact copy of r/bestof ala reddit but more like a FAQ where a newcomer gets a snapshot of the best posts, best discussions and useful tips to use snapzu and his expectations are aligned to what the site has to offer. I transformed from a casul reddit browser to a full-fledged addict after I happened on one such askreddit thread where I got to know about RES, the dashboard function and the useful subreddits. I am still too new to create such thread on my own for Snapzu but I am willing to help in whatever way I can.