Text Post: Mascot for Snapzu? posted by iSpeekEngrish
  • davidrools

    I like a red panda as much as the next guy, but it's also the mascot of the Mozilla browser - Firefox...which is another name for the red panda.

    • massani

      We'll just make ours fluffier to distance ourselves! It seems that their logo is a mash-up of a fox and red panda anyways.

    • Pockets69 (edited 6 years ago)

      wait i don't get it, ok i am dumb but, why is the firefox mascot a panda i always thought it was a fox!! i am confused.

      EDIT yes i had to use mozilla suport I feel ashamed.

    • iSpeekEngrish

      Damn, can they sue us if our red panda looks nothing like theirs? Or are we going to have to use evolutionary challenged regular panda?