• snakepaws

    Typing. My fingers know where to go, but it's definitely not the standard positioning.

    • Rothulfossil

      Seconding this. I use mostly my first three fingers to type. My left index finger hits "Y" and my right middle finger hits "U" for some reason, among many other strange positions. Absolutely not what school taught, but school really didn't teach typing much.

    • drunkenninja

      I have that same typing habit. I never learned to type the proper way, but it doesn't matter as I'm still able to do enough words per minute for it not to slow me down.

    • mathematical

      Same here. I'm a six-finger typist, with pinkies reserved only for shift keys. Since my hands are like giant lobster claws, my index fingers can cross each other, so I can't even use an ergonomic keyboard.