If you could pick one movie and ensure that it is never remade, which movie would you pick?

4 years ago by SMcIntyre with 11 comments

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  • drunkenninja (edited 4 years ago)

    I would have to go with Groundhog Day. I hope they never remake it, it is perfect in every way.

    • NomadiChris

      What did you think of Edge of tomorrow?

      • drunkenninja

        I actually enjoyed it! Same concept, technically not a remake :)

        • NomadiChris (edited 4 years ago)

          Yep, me too. Have to admit I haven't see Groundhog Day yet (although I'm familiar with the plot). One of those cult movies that have been on my 'to watch' list for a long time. Need to make time for it some day.

    • Qukatt

      althought the ground hog day episode of supernatural is also perfect xD

      i agree though - using the concept = fine. using the movie's fame and prestige to sell a new movie - not fine

  • Zeus (edited 4 years ago)


    Seriously though, Big Trouble in Little China. The original bombed and became a cult classic, because it was so weird and noncommercial. A remake would forget all the things that make it work -- like the fact that the "hero" is really more of a sidekick, only he doesn't know it -- and either delete them from the script, or make them SO GLARINGLY OBVIOUS it would lose the subversive charm. Whatever director they pick couldn't hold a candle to John Carpenter. And I dread the thought of seeing anyone else play Jack Burton. Thanks but no thanks!

  • DSLek

    The Elephant Man. A tearjerker, plus Anne Bancroft.

  • SMcIntyre

    For me it would be Casablanca. There's no way that one ever needs to be remade.

  • NiewdcznaOsba

    The Godfather, Part Three---because it should not have been made in the first place.

  • FivesandSevens

    The Jerk. Only Steve Martin can be Navin R. Johnson.